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You always have the right to refuse or end treatment. This is a hard decision that is best made with help from others to give you perspective.  If you decide to refuse or end treatment, your doctor can refer you and your family to Hospice for additional end of life support.

If you are thinking of refusing or ending treatment, you may want to speak with your spouse, other family members, a social worker, or other counselors as you make this decision. It’s common for people with kidney failure to be depressed at times and depression can affect the way you view your situation.  Your doctor or social worker will work with you to decide if you are depressed.  There are effective ways to treat depression and once you feel better you may see your options in a more positive light.

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Fresenius Medical Care's Treatment Options Program (TOPs) offers classes to help you make the right decisions for your health and lifestyle.

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Take a quick look at all of the treatment options for kidney failure and how they can affect your life in this simple-to-read chart.