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Your Care Team


Dialysis Treatment Care TeamKidney disease is complex. You need a team of committed experts to help you manage it. The common goal for your team is to help you live well with kidney disease.

Depending on what kind of treatment you choose for your kidney failure, key players on your team include:



Did you notice that the first person on the team is YOU? Whether you know it or not, you are the leader of your health care team. All of the other people on your team come together at various times and places to help you manage your kidney disease. But you are the one who is always there. And you are the one who knows you best! You need to do your part, so your health care team can help you to do better. They depend on you as much as you depend on them.

Take a closer look at each of the key people who make up your health care team. When you know what each team member does, and what each one needs from you, you will be better able to make sure that you get the quality care you need to feel your best.

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