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Coping With Kidney Disease

You don’t need to like having kidney disease. But you do need to learn to live fully with it since this is now your life. That part can be challenging.

Find kidney patient supportOne person described the emotional journey with kidney disease this way:

I do pretty well at following my treatment plan and working closely with my health care team. That’s the easy part. But my emotions are like a roller coaster that won’t stop. If I could make sense out of why I’m feeling like I do on a given day, I could manage my whole life a lot better.

At times you may struggle with anger, fear, confusion, or other feelings related to kidney disease. If so, you’re not alone. Most, if not all, people affected by kidney disease go through a wide range of emotions. Some are mild but others can be severe, making it hard to stick to the treatment plan - and endangering health.

By making sense of your emotions, you can use them for your benefit - even the uncomfortable feelings that don’t want to go away. This will help you stay on course with your treatment plan, improve the quality of your life, and maintain the relationships that are most important to you.

Coping with CKD will give you more information about the most common emotions people with kidney disease and their families experience, and ways to cope with those feelings. Seeking support from family and friends can be helpful, but some patients have also found comfort by participating in kidney patient support groups.

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