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Chronic Kidney Disease

Learn about Chronic Kidney Disease and how to manage the disease.

According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC) over 26 million adults, or 13 % of the United States adult population,1 may have chronic kidney disease (CKD). Both the personal and financial costs of this disease are great. Learning about chronic kidney disease can provide you with an understanding of whether you and your family are at risk, what symptoms to look for,  the stages chronic kidney disease, and how to get tested for chronic kidney disease.

Causes of chronic kidney disease

There are many conditions that can contribute to developing chronic kidney disease. Diabetes, high blood pressure, glomerular disease, and polycystic kidney disease are four main causes. Finding out more about these conditions may help you keep your kidneys functioning longer.

Learn about the causes of CKD

Stages of chronic kidney disease

Chronic kidney disease often develops slowly, over time. Understanding how the disease progresses can help you take steps that may keep your kidneys functioning longer. The National Kidney Foundation has divided chronic kidney disease into 5 stages.

Learn about the stages of CKD

Chronic kidney disease risk factors

Some diseases have risk factors that you cannot control. Chronic kidney disease has some uncontrollable factors, like gender and race. But, it also has risk factors that you can change—such as lifestyle behaviors. Understanding your risks may help you make healthier lifestyle choices.

Learn about the risk factors of CKD

Symptoms and warning signs of CKD

Chronic kidney disease is considered a silent disease because the symptoms are subtle. Although the warning signs are not obvious, being aware of them may help you have a more informed discussion with your doctor about chronic kidney disease.

Learn about the symptoms and warning signs of CKD

Managing the complications of CKD

In the later stages of chronic kidney disease, as kidney function worsens, you may start experiencing complications due to a buildup of fluid and wastes in the body. Learn about some of the complications of chronic kidney disease and tips that may help.

Learn about the managing the complications of CKD

Diagnosis of CKD

Knowledge is power, especially when faced with a disease like chronic kidney disease. Find out about the tests used to diagnose chronic kidney disease, and talk to your doctor about getting screened.

Learn how CKD is diagnosed

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