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Doug Bishop

Portland, OR - Presentado el 5 de junio de 2015

Learn How Doug Makes Traveling on Dialysis a Fun Experience

Doug credits the FMCNA Patient Travel Service and the staff at both his home and away dialysis centers with a stress-free experience.

I have been on dialysis for almost 2 years.  Prior to this life changing event, I used to travel for business and pleasure all over the world; 150,000 miles or more a year.  There is no doubt dialysis creates challenges in our lives.  For me, the inability to simply jump on a plane and go anywhere I needed at a moment’s notice was likely the most difficult change I have had to adapt to.  Dialysis has caused me to re-look at most aspects of my life and make accommodations. 

With the help of the staff at the Fresenius Medical Care Rose Quarter in Portland OR, I was encouraged to take advantage of the Fresenius Medical Care Travel Service options.  This opened up my travel world and allowed me to enjoy traveling again. 

This summer I had the opportunity to spend a month in Puerto Rico, staying at a nice ocean front condo close to Aguada, a small town between Aguadilla and Mayaguez on the northwestern side of the island.  I have always enjoyed the Caribbean.  I have many friends there and prior to dialysis traveled there several times a year for business and fun.  Being able to spend time there again delivered some feeling of normalcy back to my life.

Of course, if I was going to spend a month there, I was going to need to arrange dialysis while I was there.  This was easily done by contacting the travel service at Fresenius Medical Care, telling them where I was staying and when.  Between the travel service and the staff at my local dialysis center, the coordination could not have been easier.  In fact, I really did not have to do a thing once the process started.

As the day to leave approached I was nervous and more than a little apprehensive.  Although I have been receiving dialysis treatment for 2 years, I still do not view it as routine and I was concerned about a new facility and a new environment.   My biggest concern was I was going to a place where they may or may not speak my language. 

I was scheduled to dialyze at the Aguadilla facility.  The day before my first treatment, I did a drive by to make sure I could find it, so I did not run the risk of getting lost when it mattered (navigation in Puerto Rico can be a bit tricky).  

When I arrived for the first appointment, I was nervous.  But I focused on making it a positive experience.  The team met with me and went over what I was to expect, joked about my lack of Spanish and relieved my worries.

Going in, I knew it would not be the same as my home clinic.  One the biggest changes was there was no set time for me to be there.  I had a shift (evening in my case) and I needed to be there around 5:00 p.m. Every clinic has its own way of doing things, so I was prepared for changes and be adaptable, but my first treatment was a fun experience.  They could not have treated me better.  Everyone stopped by to meet the “new guy.”  I will admit we suffered a few language barrier issues, but everyone was patient and willing to listen and help me learn.  I always felt well cared for and everyone took care of my needs in a professional and friendly manner.  After the first treatment all my worries went away and I got into the routine.  The facility was like any of the Fresenius Medical Care facilities, clean, well-organized and comfortable.

I went about my holiday, enjoying the island and even taking a side trip to the US Virgin Island for a weekend of sailing and snorkeling.  When my month in paradise was up, I headed back to reality, tan and rested.  I had a great month on the island and count it as one of the “times of my life.”   All this was possible with the help of my Fresenius Medical Care Team.  From the moment I started the process it was easy and painless.  The team at my home clinic, at the travel service and in Puerto Rico took care of all my needs from start to finish.

I recommend traveling to other patients.  With the Fresenius Medical Care team, you are in the best hands.