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Sean Rice

Fresenius Medical Care Champion in Motion Sean Rice

Sean brings his computer to his dialysis treatments, and recently completed his Bachelor's Degree by taking classes online.

Sean Rice is a dialysis patient at Fresenius Medical Care Tarrant County Campus in Fort Worth, Texas -- for more than four years. Today at 51 years old, he bikes and runs along the pond in the park near his home three or four times per week. Many dialysis patients find that physical activity helps them feel better, physically and mentally.  But most dialysis patients who run regularly aren’t double amputees who use blades to run the distance.

That’s right; Sean Rice is a below-the-knee double amputee.  His diabetes cost him both his kidneys and his pancreas. He had a successful double transplant eleven years ago.  His pancreas is still functioning, but his kidney transplant failed four years ago.  About the same time that he went back on dialysis, both lower legs had to be amputated.

As soon as he was able, he was fitted for prostheses and he learned to walk again.  But he missed running.  So he was fitted with running blades and he began running again.  Today he is running three or four times a week and he feels good.  He says his exercise routine helps him keep his weight down and his spirits up. He watches his diet and his fluid intake and keeps on moving forward. He has a son and a beautiful granddaughter who also help him keep his outlook positive. He feels he is blessed and he lives every day to its best.