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How to Choose a Facility

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Choosing a dialysis center

When choosing a clinic, especially for the first time, you will likely have many questions about where to go and what to expect.  Here are some considerations that can help your decision-making:

  • Talk with your doctor about which clinics he or she recommends, and why.   Ask about his or her confidence about the clinic’s overall quality of care and services.
  • Consider the location and convenience of the dialysis clinic to your home, work, or school.   Think about how far you are willing to travel to your treatments.  In-Center patients will visit their clinic three times a week.  Home dialysis patients typically visit their clinic 1-2 times per month.
  • Ask about all the treatment options each clinic offers; these include in-center hemodialysis, in-center nocturnal (overnight) dialysis, and home dialysis (home hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis).   A key factor in choosing a dialysis clinic is whether the clinic offers the treatment you and your doctor determine is best for you.
  • Contact clinics you are interested in and ask to take a tour.  Bring a family member or friend with you to help you ask questions and provide morale support.
  • Talk to the clinic staff and ask questions about your care, including what a typical treatment day is like, and how each member of your healthcare team will support you.  What is your impression of the clinic staff – are they friendly and welcoming?  Do you feel comfortable with them?
  • Learn about other patient services the clinic offers, such as patient travel, disaster response assistance, pharmacy services, and ongoing educational programs.

Educating yourself about all of your options will give you the confidence you need to ensure the success of your dialysis treatment.   Fresenius Medical Care is committed to delivering superior care that improves the quality of life of every patient, every day.  As the leading dialysis provider in the United States,  our physicians, nurses, and staff work tirelessly to provide the highest quality care for more than 170,000 patients.

At Fresenius Medical Care we do more than provide our patients with dialysis treatment.  We deliver the highest quality clinical care.

You have a choice in where you receive dialysis treatments and services, and there are many resources available to help determine which provider best fits your treatment needs, lifestyle and personal comfort.

Fresenius Medical Care offers programs and services to help current and prospective patients make well-informed decisions about their care, including our Treatment Options Program Classes, Right Start Education Series, and “What To Expect”  video series.  These programs and more can be found throughout this website.