Helping you live a better life on dialysis

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Your Healthcare Team

Healthcare teamYour care team for in-center hemodialysis is made up of many healthcare professionals dedicated to you and your health. Here are the people who care for you:

  • Medical Director—doctor responsible for overseeing medical care provided in a facility.
  • Director of Operations / Area Manager—responsible for managing all aspects of facility operations, including quality of care, delivery of services, and adherence to all local, state, and federal laws.
  • Clinical Manager—registered nurse (RN) responsible for nursing care and technical services. In charge of patient care staff, technical staff, social workers, and dietitians. Works closely with doctors to carry out patient care plans.
  • Primary Care Nephrologist—your kidney doctor, who is responsible for your overall care and writes prescriptions for dialysis treatment, medications, and diet.
  • Team Leader—Charge Nurse (RN) in charge of a specific shift of patients. Directs patient care staff and sees that policies and procedures are carried out correctly.
  • Patient Care Staff—a nurse (RN or LPN/LVN) or Patient Care Technician (PCT) who provides dialysis treatment, including monitoring of vital signs and progress on dialysis.
  • Social Worker— Helps you and your family adjust to dialysis and finds ways to have a good quality of life, including travel, provides information about financial and social services, works with you to explain health insurance coverage.
  • Dietitian—works with you to develop a diet plan; teaches you and your family the importance of diet, proper food selection, and how to adjust the diet plan to meet your needs.
  • Education Coordinator—provides patient and staff education.
  • Unit Secretary / Ward Clerk—assists nursing staff with paperwork; keeps medical records and schedules; performs other clerical duties.
  • Chief Technician—responsible for maintenance and repair of water treatment equipment, medical equipment and other technical systems to ensure safety of patients and staff.
  • Equipment Technician—helps maintain and repair water treatment equipment, medical equipment, and technical systems.