Helping you live a better life on dialysis

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What To Expect

In-center patient with doctorHere is what a typical treatment session is like:

  • A dialysis technician checks your weight, temperature, blood pressure, and pulse, listens to your lungs, and writes them down in a treatment log.
  • The technician sets up your dialysis machine, tests alarms, and sets a fluid removal goal for the treatment (this tells the dialysis machine how much water to take out of your blood).
  • The blood pump is turned on. You’ll see the pump turn and slowly pull your blood to the machine. The dialyzer will turn pink. 
  • The dialysis machine may beep or buzz. It has alarms to protect your safety and alert the care team. The machine will beep if:
    • A needle comes loose.
    • Your blood pressure changes a lot.
    • You bend or kink the blood tubing.
  • If an alarm goes off, a nurse or technician  will check the machine.
  • When the timer chimes, your treatment is done. 
  • The staff uses saline to rinse back your blood, shuts off the machine, and takes out the needles.
  • Your blood pressure is taken one more time, and the staff makes sure you can get up without feeling faint or dizzy.
  • You will need to obtain your weight post-treatment.
  • Once you’re ready, you can leave.