Helping you live a better life on dialysis

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Getting Started

ChecklistBefore you start in-center hemodialysis treatments, your kidney doctor will call the dialysis center to get you a time slot. Be sure to tell your doctor if you have a job, childcare, or other key commitments that might affect your schedule. The facility may be able to get you a time slot that will work better for you, or you may be put on a waiting list to get the slot you would prefer. This slot will be three days or nights a week: Monday, Wednesday, Friday or Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday. You’ll be asked to come in to the facility at least 15 minutes before each treatment.

Your care team for in-center hemodialysis is made up of you, your family members, doctors, nurses, dietitians, social workers, technicians, and administrative staff from your treatment facility. They are committed to you and your health.

To prepare to come in to the center, choose comfortable, warm clothes.  You’ll also be sitting in a dialysis chair (or bed if you do treatments at night) for a number of hours, so avoid clothes that bind, chafe, or pinch. Because your blood goes outside your body, you may feel cold during a treatment. Wear warm socks and dress in layers. You can bring your own blanket and pillow if desired. Some people wear a sweatshirt with a hood, or bring along a knit hat for extra warmth. Please note that your access must be uncovered at all times so the staff can keep an eye on it.

In-center patient and staff memberIf you are doing your treatments during the day, you may want to bring along something to do to pass the time. Most centers have televisions, and there may be something on that you want to watch, or you can bring books or magazines to read.