Helping you live a better life on dialysis

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What To Expect

Here is what a typical treatment session is like:Home Dialysis Machine

  • You and your partner will check your weight, temperature, blood pressure, and pulse, and write them down in a treatment log.
  • You’ll set up your machine, test alarms, and set a fluid removal goal for the treatment (this tells the dialysis machine how much water to take out of your blood).
  • You’ll check to be sure all the tubing connections are secure and run some saline through the dialyzer and tubing to be sure all air is gone.
  • You’ll gather the supplies you need and any activities you want to do while you’re on the machine.
  • You’ll use your access during a treatment to bring your blood to the dialyzer and back to you. Two needles are used: an arterial needle (color-coded red) to take your blood to the dialyzer, and a venous needle (color-coded blue) to return your blood.
  • You’ll clean off your arm, and put the needles in and tape them down.
  • Once the needles are in place, you’ll connect them to the tubing and dialyzer, and start the machine.
  • During the treatment, you or the machine will take and record your blood pressure several times.
  • When the treatment is done, you’ll use saline to rinse back your blood, shut off the machine, and take out the needles.