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Home Hemodialysis

If your kidneys fail, one of your treatment options is hemodialysis. Hemodialysis removes extra fluid and wastes from your body by constantly moving your blood through a filter. The filter, known as a dialyzer or artificial kidney, is used with a dialysis machine. Hemodialysis can be done at home or in a dialysis treatment center.

In a lot of ways, learning to do home hemodialysis is like learning to drive a car. There is so much to learn that it takes a few weeks to pick it all up. It can be scary and new at first—but then you get used to it, and it will seem like you’ve always done it. Of course, you’ll have a 24-hour phone line to call if you have questions or need help once you’re home. Remember, even when you are having treatments at home, you will be supported by a team that includes medical professionals, dietitians and social workers. They will help you every step of the way.

Do You Have Questions About Your Treatment Options?

Fresenius Medical Care's Treatment Options Program (TOPs) offers classes to help you make the right decisions for your health and lifestyle.