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Treating Kidney Disease

Treatment Options

If you are diagnosed with kidney failure, your doctor will help you find the best treatment option. The goal of treatment is to replace your lost kidney function so you stay healthy and continue to live your life. Dialysis is the most common treatment, which can be done at home or an in-center dialysis treatment facility.

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What Is Dialysis?

If you’re on dialysis, your kidneys have failed. When they fail, wastes and excess fluid build up in your blood and make you feel sick. Dialysis takes out some of these, so you can live.

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Peritoneal Dialysis

This method of dialysis treatment does not require a dialyzer (artificial kidney). Instead, a membrane in your own body (the peritoneum, which lines the wall of your abdomen) is used.

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Home Hemodialysis

Some patients choose home dialysis treatment as the best fit for their lifestyle. You have the continuing support of your team of healthcare professionals, including a 24-hour phone line for help.

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In-Center Dialysis

In-center hemodialysis filters your blood through dialyzer or artificial kidney, with the help of a dialysis machine that acts as a pump. This dialysis treatment is most often performed by nurses and technicians in a dialysis center.

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Treatment Options Program


Learn about our free Treatment Options Program classes to help you make the right decisions for your health and lifestyle.

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Success Stories

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