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Petra Castillo

53 years old - Weslaco, Texas - Featured on September 29, 2010

Texas Patient Awaits Transplant, and Plans More Travel

Fresenius Medical Care patient Petra Castillo successfully balances her job and her dialysis treatment schedule.

Petra Castillo is a patient at Fresenius Medical Care Weslaco, whose high blood pressure led to her kidney failure. She has been in treatment since 2003, and goes into the clinic for hemodialysis three days a week. However, she is anticipating a kidney transplant soon, which makes her very happy after waiting for several years on a list.

Petra says that she's been getting good results with in-center hemodialysis, but like many patients, sometimes her energy level is lower after her treatment. However, she bounces back fast and the next day she's always ready to get on with her job and other activities. Petra has worked for the school district for 32 years, and is currently a record supervisor. She likes working with the schools, and the district is very supportive of her treatment needs and schedule.

The school district provides plenty of vacation days, so she is looking forward to traveling more often after she receives her kidney transplant. Petra used the Fresenius Medical Care Patient Travel Service last year to visit her son in Missouri, and she says it was great to have their help coordinating her treatments away from home.

Petra grew up in Donna, Texas, and is married with four children and eight grandchildren. She enjoys singing children's songs with her grandchildren, and loves watching movies and cooking with them. On weekends she teaches them how to swim.

Petra says she always encourages other patients to take preventive measures in their health care, and closely follow the instructions of their doctor. She also says, "Work will always be there, so you need to make sure you are taking care of your health first."

Fresenius Medical Care is happy to announce that since this profile was written, Petra has received a kidney transplant.