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Patrick Woods

53 years old - Augusta, Maine - Featured on March 3, 2010

Outdoorsman Thrives on Dialysis Treatment

Thanks to Fresenius Medical Care's dialysis program, Patrick Woods has his days free to work full-time as a facilities manager.

Patrick Woods, a 53-year old dialysis patient from Augusta, Maine, doesn’t let dialysis stop him from living a fulfilling life. He has been on dialysis for five years, and upon recently relocating to Maine he started dialyzing at Fresenius Medical Care Kennebec Kidney Center in nearby Augusta. Since this transition, he’s been feeling better and has more energy during the day. He even credits the longer overnight treatments as a reason for his improved dialysis results.

His dialysis schedule allows Patrick to work full-time as a facilities manager for Aramark at the Maine General Hospital in Augusta. It also gives him time to do the things he loves, like spending time outside hunting, fishing and camping.

Patrick is an avid traveler. He uses the Fresenius Medical Care Patient Travel Service to plan trips to Las Vegas twice a year, and recently used it for a business trip to Chicago.