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Pamela Murchison

59 years old - Portland, Oregon - Featured on March 5, 2010

Patient Stays Active in Kidney Group and Mentoring Patients

Pamela Murchison, a Fresenius Medical Care dialysis patient, is dedicated to helping fellow patients and the kidney community.

Pamela Murchison is a 59-year-old dialysis patient who lives in Portland, Ore. Pamela was born with kidney disease, which went undetected for many years. As a result, she has been in and out of hospitals with severe kidney pain her entire life. Pamela started dialysis four years ago, and is an in-center hemodialysis patient at Fresenius Medical Care Rose Quarter Dialysis.

Pamela is a very humble and incredibly kind person. She is active in the renal community, as an avid member of the Portland Kidney Group (PKG). The PKG is a group of dialysis patients who get together to share experiences and offer support for one another. She is a peer mentor to several fellow dialysis patients within her clinic, and she believes that this support is important for patients who have to endure the ups and downs of a chronic illness.

Pamela has a son, a daughter, and two grandchildren. Pamela loves to volunteer with her grandchildren at their school, and is also working to help promote and raise money for the National Kidney Foundation Kidney Walk in Portland on June 26th.