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Mayra Martinez

29 years old - Chula Vista, California - Featured on February 18, 2011

Professional Musician Has Thriving Career While on Dialysis

Mayra Martinez is a musician who plays the vihuela in the Mariachi Divas.

Mayra Martinez is a 29-year-old dialysis patient and an accomplished musician who lives in Chula Vista, Calif. Mayra had hypertension that led to her kidney failure, which was diagnosed in May 2006. After trying peritoneal dialysis (PD) for a short while, Mayra switched to in-center hemodialysis and has been happy with her decision.

Mayra is a member of the Grammy-Award winning Mariachi Divas, which won a Grammy in 2009. Mayra plays the vihuela, a guitar-like stringed instrument that she learned to play in high school. She then taught herself how to play at a professional level, and has never looked back. The Mariachi Divas play at Disneyland, and Mayra plays with the group on most Saturdays and Sundays.

"Being a part of the Mariachi Divas gives me a reason to keep pushing forward and makes me really happy," she said.

When she's not practicing music, Mayra likes to read and watch her favorite TV shows. She also takes her dog, Pumpkin, for regular walks down by the bay.