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Marian Carr

41 years old - Kansas City, Mo. - Featured on March 24, 2010

Helping Other Patients With Ambitious Work Ethic

Marian Carr, Fresenius Medical Care dialysis patient, maintains a rigorous travel schedule to keep up with all her work.

Marian Carr, a 41-year-old dialysis patient, was diagnosed with end stage renal disease (ESRD) in July 2002. She went on dialysis and shortly after regained her kidney function for nearly five years. Marian then returned back to dialysis in 2007, had an unsuccessful kidney transplant in 2009, and now receives in-center hemodialysis at Fresenius Medical Care Kansas City Dialysis. The cause of her kidney failure is unknown, although her father had kidney trouble too.

Despite her struggles with ESRD, Marian has persevered and continues to set and accomplish ambitious goals. She firmly believes that people should live the life they want to have, and not let health restrictions or setbacks get in the way.

Among many academic accomplishments, Marian completed her doctorate in psychology and obtained an International Counseling Certification from the Viktor Frankl Institute of Logotherapy – all while managing her dialysis schedule. As part of her doctoral thesis, she developed a counseling model for dialysis patients. Marian is currently active in two nonprofit organizations, as president of the local Minority Donor Awareness Group, and board chair of the Renaissance Education Group in Durham, N.C., which provides education programs for disadvantaged high school students.

To accommodate Marian’s rigorous schedule and numerous travels for work and vacation, she utilizes the Fresenius Medical Care Patient Travel Service. She has traveled all across the U.S., including trips to Dallas, New Orleans, Boston, Florida, Indiana, Michigan, California and North Carolina.

When she's not working, Marian enjoys reading and spending lots of time with her family. She is the eldest of four children and has two nieces and two nephews. This year, Marian and her friend have started a small business to provide counseling and training services for adults, and they plan on expanding it.

Fresenius Medical Care is happy to announce that since this profile was written, Marian has received a kidney transplant.