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Jimmy Hopkins

51 years old - Mobile, Alabama - Featured on November 12, 2010

Military Veteran Stays Active and Takes Pride in His Job

Jimmy Hopkins is a retired member of the Air Force. Hopkins is part of a group that enjoys socializing with fellow in-center patients while receiving treatments.

Jimmy Hopkins, a dialysis patient living in Mobile, Ala., was diagnosed with kidney failure three years ago. After attending a Treatment Options Program (TOPs) session, he decided it would be best for him and his family to go to the Fresenius Medical Care Magnolia clinic for his hemodialysis treatments.

Jimmy has a wife and two children that help support him, along with a group of patients that he has befriended at his clinic. Jimmy is part of a group that enjoys having conversations while they're receiving treatments, which helps keep them upbeat about their condition and their lives.

"The community at the clinic is important to me, and we have a lot of great conversations about current events and things going on in our lives," he says. "The nurses also do a great job here, and are very supportive," he said.

Jimmy comes from a military family, and was accustomed to lots of travel growing up. He went on to join the Air Force and was an air traffic controller, but after he was diagnosed with diabetes he switched to data communications, and eventually retired from service. He now works at an Italian restaurant, and considers his job an important part of his life.

"My job keeps me going and gives me another outlet," he said. "I see people who let themselves go, but this treatment is keeping us alive and we should be grateful for that."