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Jessie M. Woods

70 years old - Dover, Delaware - Featured on September 29, 2010

Outgoing, Independent Patient Keeps Spirits High

Jessie Woods, a patient at Fresenius Medical Care Greentree in Dover, Del., encourages other patients to remain positive.

Jessie Woods is a patient at Fresenius Medical Care Greentree in Dover, Del., who suffered from hypertension that led to kidney failure. She has now been receiving in-center hemodialysis therapy for six years. Her independent spirit helps her maintain an active, fulfilling lifestyle.

Jessie's treatment requires that she dialyzes three days a week, and she usually likes to drive herself to the clinic. Jessie didn't want to let her treatments interfere with her career, so she still works three days a week as an employee assistant at a funeral home. She returned to work just two weeks after she began dialysis. Her co-workers say she is a huge asset because of her lively personality and caring, compassionate demeanor.

Jessie understands the importance of her dialysis; she never misses treatment and maintains a strict diet. The staff at Fresenius Medical Care also says that Jessie is friendly and outgoing, has a great sense of humor, and helps keep other patients in good spirits. She helps other patients by telling them to remain positive, and stick to their treatment plans.

"Think positive all the time," Jessie says. "Some days I come in, I’m not feeling that well, but I don’t complain. Staying motivated and leading an active life is the best thing I can do."