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Homer Scott

84 years old - Dover, Ohio - Featured on March 27, 2010

Patient’s Big Hat and Positive Attitude Brighten the Day

A traveling showman, Fresenius Medical Care patient Homer Scott is pictured near props that were part of his "Old Time Medicine Show."

Homer Scott, an 84-year-old dialysis patient, knows a thing or two about living a fun and active life. Scott has traveled the world sharing his positive attitude with people as far away as Morocco, Scotland and Alaska. Today, Homer lives in Dover, Ohio, and receives in-center hemodialysis from Fresenius Medical Care Tuscarawas in New Philadelphia, Ohio.

Always an entertainer, Homer was a traveling showman for years, writing and acting in a medicine variety show with his beloved wife Marilyn. Before that, he spent seven years in the Navy Reserves as a medical corpsman. He also ran a school for nurses aides. With such a varied and interesting background, Homer likes to entertain his fellow dialysis patients and nurses by sharing stories about his travels. Homer is also known for brightening up the clinic and cheering up fellow patients by wearing large old-timey hats when he comes in for treatment.

Family and friends have been a huge help to Homer throughout his experience with kidney disease. And Scott has been an inspiration to friends and fellow patients as well, even telling other diabetics to “behave” on their diet, since not “behaving” is what led to his kidney failure.

He says that staying active and enjoying the things he loves is what helps him keep a positive attitude. Homer does exactly that by taking day trips, playing the banjo and walking his dog, Scooter.