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Esperanza Giles

45 years old - Milwaukee, Wisconsin - Featured on September 29, 2010

In-Center Nighttime Dialysis Helps Patient Regain Control of Her Life

Patient Esperanza Giles is an advocate for in-center nighttime dialysis and praises the staff at Fresenius Medical Care Milwaukee for providing exceptional care.

Esperanza Giles is a 45-year-old patient at Fresenius Medical Care Milwaukee. After living with undiagnosed and untreated diabetes, she suffered kidney failure and has now been receiving dialysis therapy for two years. Esperanza started with daytime in-center hemodialysis therapy. Then her health care team advised her to try in-center nighttime (nocturnal) dialysis to try to achieve improvement in her results by dialyzing at night, while she sleeps, for a longer duration of treatment.

Since Esperanza's transition to in-center nocturnal dialysis, her condition has improved significantly: Her lab results are better, there has been a reduction in fluids, and she feels like she has more energy. Because of these positive results, Esperanza has become an advocate for nighttime dialysis, and wants to spread the word about its potential lifestyle and health benefits.

With her days free, Esperanza is now able to spend more time on her hobbies, which include reading, listening to music, traveling, and door-to-door ministry. She enjoys alchemy projects, and creates women’s cosmetics in her kitchen, including a body lotion that smoothes the skin. She also creates perfumes and fragrances using natural and organic materials.

Esperanza loves to travel. She has taken several vacations to the Caribbean, and has a long-term goal of visiting every continent. She plans to use the Fresenius Medical Care Patient Travel Service to help coordinate her travel plans.

Esperanza praises her team of nurses and technicians at Fresenius Medical Care Milwaukee for helping her transition to in-center nocturnal dialysis so smoothly, and taking great care of her. In the future, she's interested in getting a kidney transplant, but for now is pleased with the results of her nighttime dialysis treatment.