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Doris Munyan

86 years old - Pennsylvania - Featured on January 3, 2014

Achieves 30 Years on Dialysis

Fresenius Medical Care staff presented Doris Munyan with roses, cake, balloons and a thank you card for her attention to her dialysis treatments and for being a role model for others.

"When I first went on dialysis, I realized that this machine was my friend that kept me alive.  This has been my view for 30 years." - Doris Munyan, patient at Fresenius Medical Care Whitehall, PA

Doris Munyan’s story is an inspiring one. She recently began her 30th year on dialysis, an impressive accomplishment.

This Pennsylvania resident started hemodialysis in 1984. She first dialyzed at the Allentown Hospital and then at Fresenius Medical Care Bethlehem. She transferred to the Fresenius Medical Care Allentown facility in 1992. She is now being treated at Fresenius Medical Care Whitehall.

Doris has a very supportive family and loves to spend time with her eight grandchildren and five great-grandchildren.

Born in 1927, Doris began studying the Scriptures at an early age in North Philadelphia. She graduated from Olney High School in 1945. As a teenager, she worked summers at Liggett’s Drug Store as a soda jerk. She also worked one summer at Sears in the filing department. During Bible College in Philadelphia, she worked at Lincoln National Life Insurance Company as an administrative assistant.

She was very active in the youth group and Christian Endeavor at Fellowship Church. Doris met her husband, Edgar, through Christian Endeavor. They were married in 1949 and moved to Houghton, NY, where they were responsible for three churches. While Edgar ministered to church members, Doris formed a youth group and a choir and led Bible study groups. They later moved to Naperville, Illinois, where Edgar was in the seminary for three years. During this time they had their first child, but sadly, she died soon after birth.

When Edgar graduated, they moved to Forest Hills, NY to St. Paul’s Church. It was in NY were they had their three sons, Steven, Daniel and John. Their next move was to Emmanuel Church on Emmaus Ave. in Allentown where they worked for 13 years. The rest of their moves would be local ones. They retired from the Cedar Crest Bible Fellowship Church.

As Doris’s chronic kidney disease began to progress, she had a fistula placed through vascular access surgery, a full 2 years before starting dialysis. So when the time came to begin treatment, it could be used right away.

Doris credits her strong Christian faith with her success.  She shares this with others in the facility and her positive outlook is an inspiration to all who know her. Staff reports that in addition to her upbeat attitude, she is also very compliant with her medications and diet and her lab reports are fantastic! She’s still going strong after 30 years on dialysis.  Congratulations Doris, on attaining this milestone in your renal replacement therapy.