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Delores Goodman

59 years old - Semmes, Alabama - Featured on September 29, 2010

Keeping Spirits High with Her Songs

Dialysis patient Delores Goodman helps other patients keep their spirits up by singing hymns at the Fresenius Medical Care Magnolia clinic.

Delores Goodman suffered kidney failure in 2008 due to diabetes and high blood pressure, and she has been receiving in-center hemodialysis for a year and a half. Delores, 59, is happy with her treatment at Fresenius Medical Care Magnolia in Semmes, Ala., because she likes having the staff to assist her. Delores also takes responsibility for her own health care, and is committed to following her treatment program.

"If I watch my diet and do what the nurses tell me to do, I’ll be fine. With diabetes, I didn’t always control my diet, but now that I have kidney disease, I’m much more careful," she says.

At the clinic, Delores enjoys singing hymns for other dialysis patients to help keep their spirits up. During her own treatment, she reads books or talks to other patients.

When new patients come in, Delores always introduces herself and tries to help them feel relaxed. She enjoys helping these patients by offering support, and giving them advice about what to expect on dialysis. "You have to make the best of what you’re doing and where you are," she says.

"I tell new patients to take it one day at a time. Dialysis is a blessing and the machine is there to help preserve our lives. And if they follow their diet and doctor/nurses orders they can live a long time."

Delores grew up in Chastain, Ala., and has one daughter, but also helped raise her two nieces and her nephew. She's retired, and in her free time she enjoys crocheting afghans and knitting caps for patients at a nursing home.