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David Bosse

51 years old - Elk Point, South Dakota - Featured on March 20, 2010

A Healthy Diet and Positive Attitude Leads to Good Things

David Bosse, Fresenius Medical Care dialysis patient, keeps fit by paying close attention to his diet.

David Bosse, 51, still lives on the farm where he grew up in Elk Point, S.D. Born with undersized kidneys that never completely developed, David first started dialysis at the age of 18. David has had two transplants and has been on and off dialysis for over 33 years, receiving in-center hemodialysis at Fresenius Medical Care Sioux City.

During David’s tenure on dialysis, he has always been dedicated to his treatment and diet. He makes it a point to eat at home instead of eating out and is thankful to have such great care from his dietitian. Even on special occasions, he never strays from his strict diet. David has an exemplary attitude and determination and is an inspiration to other patients and staff at his clinic.

David has worked on the family farm for many years, alongside his father who is now in his 90s. David used to do field work and manage livestock, and now in his spare time he enjoys watching football and playing cards. David remains in great spirits, and by talking to other patients about his experience, he shows them that anyone can live a fulfilling life on dialysis.