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Audrey Lizarraga

46 years old - Tempe, Arizona - Featured on June 17, 2011

Arizona Woman Stays Active by Exploring Mountains and Beaches

Audrey loves being active and enjoys taking many outdoor excursions with her husband.

When she was just 23-years old, Audrey Lizarraga was a dialysis patient and gave birth to a healthy baby daughter – a difficult and unusual feat for someone with kidney failure. Now 46-years old, Audrey is an in-center hemodialysis patient at Fresenius Medical Care Scottsdale.

Audrey has overcome many health challenges over the years, including breast cancer. She has been on dialysis for 27 years, and her care team praises her positive outlook and dedication to her treatment program. 

Married for 26 years, Audrey leads an active lifestyle and especially loves being out in nature, and enjoys activities that she says are fun and calming. She and her husband take their all-terrain vehicles up into the mountains, and enjoy the beautiful views from the top. Other times they take weekend trips to California to spend time on the beach. She also likes gardening, scrapbooking and making cards.

Audrey says, "The one most important thing in my life is the Lord Jesus Christ, who is the sole purpose. My life is what it is."