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Antonio Guzman Jr.

66 years old - Wescalo, Texas - Featured on September 29, 2010

Faith and Family Help Texas Patient Stay Motivated

Fresenius Medical Care dialysis patient, Antonio Guzman Jr., encourages other patients to stay positive.

Antonio Guzman Jr. has been an in-center hemodialysis patient at Fresenius Medical Care Weslaco in Texas since 2001. He first started dialysis in 1993 when kidney stones led to kidney failure, but then his kidneys regained function. In 2001, however, his kidneys failed again, and he resumed dialysis.

Antonio has found that in-center hemodialysis treatment works well for him, and he appreciates the staff that help him. He hopes to get a kidney transplant some day, but for now he is on the waiting list.

Antonio grew up in Relampago, a small town near Weslaco, and today he spends most of his free time reading the bible and helping others. Antonio has endured difficult challenges. His wife passed away in 2001, and his doctor advised him to stop working in 2005. Now, Antonio focuses his energy on supporting his church, and encouraging other patients with kidney failure to find a positive outlook on their condition.

He says his faith has helped him through his health problems, and now he tries to inspire and offer support to other patients using prayer. "I find faith in my church and my family keeps me really active," says Antonio. "I have many nieces and nephews, and everyone keeps me really busy with a lot of parties and activities.”