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Rex Wadsworth

52 years old - Pleasant Grove, Alabama - Featured on April 29, 2011

Home Therapy Keeps Patient Active with Church and Family

Rex and his wife Diane are active in the local church community in Pleasant Grove, Alabama.

Four years ago, Rex Wadsworth's hypertension led to kidney failure, and he started in-center hemodialysis at Fresenius Medical Care Birmingham Central. After two years, he decided to switch to home therapy, and now administers his own home hemodialysis treatments. 

Rex prefers home dialysis because it allows him to schedule his own treatment times, which is a more convenient therapy for his lifestyle. He dialyzes six days a week, for about two and a half hours each session. Rex’s wife Diane is his care partner, and she says she is happy to be a part of his care team.

In his spare time, Rex enjoys spending time with his family, including his 18-year-old son. Rex is very active in his church community and the children's ministry, and he has even used Skype to attend a Bible study from his treatment chair at home. He is also active with the local scale modeling club, and is interested in working again, so he recently applied for a position at the local library.

Rex believes that dialysis shouldn't slow down his lifestyle, and with his at-home treatment he is able to “take it on the road”. He and his wife recently took a trip to St. Mary’s, Georgia to visit friends.