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Marlene Meza

62 years old - Miami, Florida - Featured on March 15, 2010

Home Dialysis Helps Patient Stay Active

Fresenius Medical Care patient Marlene Meza with her son, Jose Luis, cooking for a family dinner.

Marlene Meza, a 62 year-old dialysis patient in Miami, is not afraid anymore. When first diagnosed with end-stage kidney disease in June 2009, Marlene did not know what life had in store for her. What she did know was that she wanted to continue working, traveling and spending lots of time with her family. After going through Fresenius Medical Care’s educational Treatment Options Program (TOPs), Marlene realized there was a dialysis treatment that fit her future goals perfectly. Today, she receives peritoneal dialysis through the home treatment program at Fresenius Medical Care South Miami.

Marlene's nurse says she is a big help and enjoys talking to new dialysis patients about their treatments. She offers them hope and reassures them that there are different treatment options for kidney disease that allow for flexible and fulfilling lifestyles. With seven children, 19 grandchildren and five great-grandchildren, it is not hard to understand why Marlene would want exactly that.

Marlene believes that anything is possible with the help of family and doctors. For her, home dialysis has been the answer. She continues to work at Goodwill Industries, where she has been employed for 16 years. In May, Marlene is planning an extended trip home to Nicaragua. Until then, she is busy planning the next family dinner, where all 32 members of her family will get together to eat and enjoy each other’s company.