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Kathleen Romanick

52 years old - Bethlehem, Pennsylvania - Featured on September 29, 2010

Patient Helps Others Explore Dialysis Treatment Options

Fresenius Medical Care patient Kathleen Romanick loves spending her free time with her husband John David and son Kyle, pictured above. Kathleen attributes her success at living well on dialysis to their love, support and good humor.

When she was just 23 years old, Kathleen Romanick suffered kidney failure and had to start dialysis treatment. She has been on and off dialysis ever since, and over the last 26 years she has tried peritoneal dialysis, hemodialysis, and also has had three kidney transplants.

Three years ago, while dialyzing in her clinic, Kathleen decided it was time for a change, and talked to her health care team at Fresenius Medical Care Bethlehem in Pennsylvania about her treatment options. After hearing about all the potential health and lifestyle benefits of home hemodialysis, she wanted to give it a try.

Now Kathleen administers her dialysis at home, with the help of her husband John David, and she loves the newfound freedom it gives her. With a more flexible schedule, she's able to spend more time with her son Kyle, and visit her house on the water in North Carolina. When she was dialyzing there recently, she said she loved being able to look out on the water and see pelicans flying and dolphins swimming, all while on dialysis.

Kathleen has had such positive results with home dialysis that she wanted to share her experience with other patients. Fresenius Medical Care hosts Treatment Options Program (TOPs) sessions to educate patients about dialysis and their treatment options, and Kathleen volunteers in the program and talks to patients about the various treatments, especially the advantages of home-based dialysis.

Kathleen is also a part-time counselor at the Allentown Women’s Center, and in her spare time she enjoys boating, reading, swimming, traveling and going to concerts.