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Dialysis & Travel Being a dialysis patient doesn’t mean you can’t travel for business or pleasure. It does, however, mean that you’ll need to make plans to receive treatment while you are away. Your social worker or nurse can help you make these arrangements, or you can contact the Fresenius Patient Travel Service. This free service will locate dialysis facilities closest to your destination. Click here to find out more.

People on dialysis have covered nearly every type of travel: from camping trips to cruises, from within the U.S. to abroad in Europe, Central America and beyond. Medicare will pay for dialysis in the U.S. and its territories—which include American Samoa, Guam, Puerto Rico, Saipan, and the U.S. Virgin Islands¬—but not outside the U.S. Some health plans will cover dialysis outside the U.S., but most often you’ll have to pay for this out of pocket and include the costs in your travel budget.

It can be fun to take a day or overnight trip to a nearby spot you don’t often have the time to visit. Look at a map of your area and see what’s within about 100 miles—a 2-hour drive or so. If your dialysis schedule is Monday, Wednesday, Friday, you can leave after treatment on Friday or on Saturday morning, and return on Sunday without missing a single treatment! You’re close enough to home that you can call your own facility if you have a question or problem.