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Tyrone Roberson

Tyrone Roberson, 2012 Champion in Motion, goes on long walks with his dog, and enjoys traveling and shopping.

To stay active, Tyrone Roberson goes on long walks with his dog, Wiggles, and also enjoys traveling and shopping.

34 years old - Theodore, Alabama

Walking the Dogs and Traveling Keep Alabama Patient Active

When his high blood pressure and diabetes led to kidney failure, Tyrone Roberson began in-center hemodialysis at Fresenius Medical Care Mobile, where he has been receiving treatment for the past three years.

Tyrone does everything he can to stay active because it makes him feel better and more energetic. He would like to be even more active, he says, but he knows his limits. When he is at the facility, Tyrone encourages other patients to stay active by doing something they enjoy.

"If you were active before, stay active once you get acclimated to your dialysis treatment," he advises.

Before his kidney failure, Tyrone walked to work every day. Now he enjoys going on long walks with his dogs. He also loves to shop and travel with his wife, and they take several trips a year to St. Louis. Tyrone arranges for treatment at his destination using the Fresenius Medical Care Patient Travel Service.