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Toby Feutz

Toby Feutz, Fresenius Medical Care 2012 Champion in Motion

Toby enjoys a brisk walk and taking in the fresh air with Dan Friske and her dogs Sammy, Billie and Lucy.

Age 56 - Schaumburg, Illinois

Illinois Patient Enjoys Long Walks with Her Beloved Dogs

Walking seven miles every day is an ambitious exercise routine, but 56-year-old Toby Feutz has Sammy, Lucy and Billie to keep her motivated and moving. Her three dogs usually get up before sunrise, and before long Toby is out walking with them, navigating around the coyotes and possums that roam her Schaumburg, Illinois, neighborhood.

Toby has been in dialysis treatment for eight years, and she chose home dialysis because it’s the best fit for her active lifestyle. She performs her peritoneal dialysis treatments on her own schedule, which allows her to maximize the time she spends outdoors. When it’s cold outside she will sometimes cut her walks short, but still manages to go three or four miles.

“Exercising every day makes me feel great, and it improves my physical and mental health,” says Toby, who also lifts weights every day. “My life revolves around my dogs and my daily walks.”

Toby also loves to read, and is currently tackling Dostoyevsky’s “The Brothers Karamazov.”