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Timmie Buford

Timmie Buford, 2012 Champion in Motion, enjoys sports and exercise

As a former minor league baseball player, Timmie Buford enjoys sports and exercise and tries to do something physical 3-5 times each week.

53 years old - Willowbrook, Illinois

Former Baseball Player Walks To and From Treatment Sessions

After his hypertension led to kidney failure, Timmie Buford started receiving in-center hemodialysis, and has been in treatment for nearly three years. When he first started on dialysis, Timmie had serious back problems and had to be hospitalized. Faced with surgery, he decided to exercise instead, and focused on stretching and lifting weights. Before long, he started to feel better, and now he enjoys walking to and from his treatment sessions at Fresenius Medical Care Willowbrook.

Sports and exercise have always been an important part of Timmie's life, and today his goal is to exercise 3-5 times a week, whether it’s hitting the weights, going for a bike ride or taking a walk.

A talented athlete in high school, Timmie played baseball at Truman College before transferring to Ohio State University, where he continued to play. After graduation, the Chicago White Sox recruited him to play in their minor league system, and he later became a scout for the team. Timmie has also coached basketball and baseball at several high schools in the Chicago area.

Timmie understands the importance of regular exercise, and encourages other patients at his clinic to find an activity they enjoy, even if it’s something as simple as walking.