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Ronnie Ingalls

Ronnie Ingalls enjoys walking, lifting weights and playing basketball with family. After an inactive spell, he’s started exercising again and has lost 65 pounds.


Louisiana Patient’s Renewed Exercise Helps Him Lose 65 Pounds

Growing up in the small town of Oakdale, La., 200 miles west of New Orleans, Ronnie Ingalls was always pretty active. Four years ago, however, high blood pressure resulted in kidney failure, which required him to go on dialysis with the help of a nearby Fresenius Medical Care dialysis facility in Alexandria. He also began to lose his hearing, and doctors aren’t exactly sure why. For a while, he slowed down, gained weight and even stopped taking his medications.

Rather than choosing to receive his therapy in-center, he chose to receive his dialysis at home. Since Ronnie’s home dialysis nurses encouraged him to start taking better care of himself, he has started walking, lifting weights and playing basketball and other sports with his family. It took a full year, but getting regular exercise and eating a healthier diet improved his health dramatically – he has lost nearly 65 pounds.

Now 27, Ronnie feels better than he has in a long time thanks in part to support from his mother, Leanna, and his healthy lifestyle. He is expecting to receive cochlear implants soon, which should help his hearing, and nurses at his clinic praise his positive attitude and his efforts to be as independent as possible.

Ronnie’s advice to other dialysis patients: “Think about all the things you can do to stay healthy, not what you can’t do.”