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Robert "Bob" Moore

Bob Moore stays fit by lifting weights in the gym, and has vowed not to be defeated by kidney disease.

Age 63 - Dixon, Missouri

Gym Workouts Help Missouri Retiree See Things Differently

Bob Moore had a hard time adjusting to life on dialysis after his high blood pressure led to kidney failure two years ago. However, after he arrived at the Fresenius Medical Care facility in Lebanon, Mo., Bob’s health care team members made a concerted effort to assist him in improving his quality of life while on dialysis.

To improve his health, the 63-year-old former steakhouse owner joined a local gym and began working out, which led him to start eating more dialysis-friendly foods. Bob’s commitment to a healthy lifestyle ultimately paid off, as his health improved dramatically, inspiring him to encourage other patients at his clinic to make changes to their own diet.

Because of other health issues, Bob is not a candidate for a transplant. After learning that, Bob thought seriously about dropping his exercise and diet program entirely. However, the clinical staff encouraged him not to give up; reminding him of all the good things he had to look forward to in life. With their support, he continued his exercise regimen and resolved not to be defeated by kidney disease.

Today, Bob walks regularly and works out four times a week at his local gym, where he leg presses 220 pounds and bench presses 120 pounds. He especially enjoys lifting weights and whole-body workouts, and he takes pride in the new, fit physique he sees in the mirror. 

He has become a strong example of the many benefits of regular exercise. “You’ll feel better and tolerate dialysis better,” he says. “You can even look better, so your spouse or partner will be proud to be seen in public with you. And when you pass those mirrors, or a big glass window, you will see yourself differently!”