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Nyree Dawn Woo

Hawaii’s Nyree Dawn Woo hasn’t missed a volleyball season since starting on dialysis nearly five years ago.

Age 40 - Kaneohe, Hawaii

Volleyball, Walking and Workouts Keep this Hawaii Patient in Shape

Nyree Dawn Woo, a 40-year-old resident of Kaneohe, on Hawaii’s Oahu island, has lived most of her life in a place that many people think of as a tropical paradise. Set alongside Kaneohe Bay, where one of the “Pirates of the Caribbean” movies was filmed in 2010, this picturesque community has been her home since her family moved here from the Philippines when she was in fourth grade.

Nyree started on dialysis nearly five years ago, after her high blood pressure led to kidney failure. But during that time she hasn’t missed a chance to play with her company’s volleyball team.

“Playing volleyball is fun,” she says, noting that she enjoys the competition and camaraderie of playing with her coworkers. The exercise keeps her fit and active during the four-month volleyball-league season. When she’s not playing volleyball, she walks, works out and takes exercise classes, including step aerobics, at her office gym. 

Nyree gets along well with her dialysis care team, who helped her start the home peritoneal dialysis treatments that she’s relied on for several years. Her advice to other dialysis patients is simple: “keep moving, and be outdoors.”