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Luther Martin

Luther Martin vowed not to let his dialysis treatments interfere with his fishing, camping, yard maintenance and other outdoor activities.

68 years old - Selma, Alabama

Love of the Outdoors Drove this Alabama Patient’s Dialysis Choice

Luther Martin loves spending time outdoors, whether he’s fishing, camping, gardening or just mowing the lawn. And even though he had to start on dialysis earlier this year after his diabetes condition led to kidney failure, he’s determined not to let it stop him from enjoying outdoor activities.

He has kept his days free by choosing to receive peritoneal dialysis (PD) treatments overnight and at home, rather than conventional in-center hemodialysis. Not only does PD eliminate the need for multiple trips to a clinic each week, it also features a portable filtration system small enough to carry with him when he travels, even on camping trips.

Born in Alabama, Luther moved to New York and worked for many years for the city of Long Beach sanitation department. He retired after 30 years and moved back to Selma, where he has family and owns property. When he’s not fishing and camping, he enjoys gardening and maintaining his land, as well as mowing relatives’ yards. 

His advice to other dialysis patients is to stay active by walking. For him, exercise is largely a means to an end: “It lets me be outdoors, which I love,” he says. “And it keeps me from being bored.”