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Lloyd Cooper

Exercise has always been very important to Lloyd Cooper, so he kept at it when he started dialysis. It’s also something that he and his son can do together.

44 years old - North Miami, Florida

Exercise Lets Florida Patient Spend More Time with His Son

For years, Lloyd Cooper has stayed fit by exercising and lifting weights. The 44-year-old North Miami resident even used to be a workout trainer. But that was before high blood pressure caused his kidneys to fail five years ago.

Now that he depends on a regular schedule of dialysis treatments, physical fitness has become his absolute top priority. “Eating right and exercising is my life,” Lloyd says. “It helps me avoid fatigue and keeps me healthy as a dialysis patient.”

These days, he works out four to five times a week along with his son. Their ambitious training regimen usually includes a four- to five-mile run, either outside or on a treadmill. They also lift weights and do push-ups, pull-ups, dips and other exercises. Lloyd used to consistently outrun his son, but now, the proud father admits, his son often outperforms him. 

Lloyd tries to eat a variety of foods in moderation, stays in close touch with his dialysis care team and generally follows their advice on maintaining a healthy diet and appropriate fluid levels.

He credits exercise, as well as his Christian faith, for allowing him to live a healthy life while on dialysis. “You need to help the dialysis machine help you,” he says. “And exercise just makes everything work better – myself and the machine!”