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Johnnie Johnson

Johnnie Johnson, Fresenius Medical Care 2012 Champion in Motion

Weight lifting and spinning on an exercise bike are two of Johnnie Johnson’s favorite ways to stay in shape.

Age 48 - Birmingham, Alabama

Alabama Patient Maintains Rigorous Workout Routine After Kidney Failure

Before Johnnie Johnson was diagnosed with kidney failure at age 40, he kept himself in great physical condition, hitting the gym several times a week for extended workouts. After he started dialysis, he realized that his exercise routine was more important than ever, so he still goes to the gym four times a week to stay in shape.

Johnnie has been on dialysis for eight years, and receives in-center hemodialysis at Fresenius Medical Care Montclair in Birmingham. He says that working out makes him feel better and gives him more energy, and also helps him keep a positive mental outlook.

At his local gym, Johnnie follows a rigorous exercise routine that includes three days of lifting free weights, and one day riding a spinning bike. He encourages other patients at his clinic to stay active and at the very least make an effort to move around. “Just do it,” he says.

When he’s not working out, Johnnie enjoys listening to jazz, going to concerts, dining out, shopping and traveling.