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Frederick Williams

Frederick Williams, Fresenius Medical Care 2012 Champion in Motion

Frederick Williams is a Taekwondo instructor who practices the sport with his wife and two children.

Age 49 - Spring Hope, North Carolina

Taekwondo Helps Dialysis Patient Stay Fit, Lose Weight and Spend Time with Family

Frederick Williams experienced kidney failure due to high blood pressure, and last year he started receiving in-center hemodialysis treatment at Fresenius Medical Care Spring Hope.

Frederick is an accomplished Taekwondo instructor who holds a second-degree black belt, and is now working to earn his third-degree belt. In 2002, when he first started practicing Taekwondo, he weighed 350 pounds. After dedicating himself to the sport for the last 10 years, however, he is down to a remarkable 196 pounds. Frederick said that dialysis hasn’t changed his exercise routine, which also includes weightlifting.

“Being active is a very big part of my life because it motivates me and helps me feel good about myself,” says Frederick.

Family is an important part of Frederick’s life, and his wife and two of his three children practice taekwondo with him. Frederick also enjoys spending time with his two grandchildren, and his nieces and nephews.