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Diane Wright

Diane Wright, 2012 Champion in Motion, enjoys many activities, including camping, horseback riding, hunting and fishing.

When she’s not tending to her animals and vegetable gardens, Diane Wright enjoys camping, horseback riding, hunting and fishing.

50 years old - Buckhannon, West Virginia

Active Patient Finds Adventure in West Virginia Mountains

At 50 years old, Wilda "Diane" Wright leads a lifestyle that seems more appropriate for someone half her age. Whether it’s hiking, horseback riding, or cruising around the mountains on her all-terrain vehicle (ATV), Diane hasn't let dialysis slow her down much. 

Five years ago, Diane's high blood pressure led to kidney failure, and she started going to Fresenius Medical Care Weston for training so that she could perform her peritoneal dialysis treatments at home. Despite living with kidney failure, Diane makes it a priority to stay fit and healthy.  

Growing up on a farm, Diane had nine sisters and three brothers, and they all became accustomed to hard work. Today, she maintains her four-acre property, doing all the lawn care, mowing and trimming. She also has thriving vegetable gardens and flowerbeds, and she cares for a collection of pets and farm animals, including two horses, four dogs and 25 chickens.

Diane's favorite activities include camping, hiking, horseback riding, hunting and fishing. During the winter, she goes tubing down the snow-covered mountains of West Virginia. Diane has stayed close to her family and she spends a lot of time with her mother and new grandchild.