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Cliff Cannon

Cliff Cannon, 2012 Fresenius Medical Care Champion in Motion, stays active by running, biking and swing dancing

Cliff Cannon enjoys a variety of physical activities, and recently participated in a 5K fitness walk.

45 years old - Mesquite, Texas

Texas Patient’s Exercise Routine Includes Running, Biking and Swing Dancing

Cliff Cannon is a 45-year-old dialysis patient who lives in Mesquite, Texas. He developed kidney failure due to high blood pressure and has been receiving in-center hemodialysis treatment for the last two years. He started his treatment at Fresenius Medical Care Towngate in Garland, and recently moved to Fresenius Medical Care Metro East in Mesquite, a more convenient location for him.

Cliff enjoys his exercise, and goes running, biking and swing dancing on a regular basis. He looks forward to working out right after he leaves the dialysis clinic, and says that exercise allows him to sleep better, feel more refreshed during the day and achieve better dialysis results. He recently participated in the “Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure,” a 5K fitness walk that raises funds and awareness for the fight against breast cancer.

Cliff has worked in the aerospace industry since 1987, and he still maintains a job today. His 16-year-old son is a big part of his life and helps motivate him to exercise and stay healthy.

“I eat a healthy diet, exercise and most importantly I stay positive,” says Cliff. “I enjoyed my life before dialysis, so I make a point to enjoy life while I am on dialysis.