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Charlie Brose

Charlie Brose stays active by helping run a Minneapolis-area adaptive sports program, and by refereeing high school floor hockey and softball games.

Age 50 -  Minneapolis, Minnesota

A Passion for Sports Motivates this Minnesota Dialysis Patient

Charlie Brose loves sports. He also loves helping others pursue their own passion for sports, even when it doesn’t come easily for them.

In 1994, Charlie and several Minneapolis-area friends started an adaptive sports program called “We Love to Play,” which gives physically and developmentally disabled adults the opportunity to compete in a variety of indoor sports, including floor hockey, softball, football and soccer. For the past 19 years, he has helped run the program, which has evolved into a successful, small non-profit 501(c)(3) organization.

Charlie, 50, has also been on dialysis for the past six years, since a transplanted kidney that he relied on for a decade failed. Now he needs frequent blood-filtering treatments to clean waste products and remove extra fluids from his blood. But he hasn’t allowed that to dim his enthusiasm for sports. He still participates regularly in “We Love to Play” activities. He also stays fit by refereeing adaptive floor hockey and softball games at local high schools.

Keeping his days free for work and sports has gotten easier since he switched from in-center dialysis to home dialysis treatments. Charlie finds these treatments are gentler on his body, because they can be longer and slower than typical in-center dialysis. And they help him stay active.

“Exercise keeps me moving instead of sitting around,” he says. “It’s helped me feel great.”