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Chance Smiling

Chance Smiling, Fresenius Medical Care 2012 Champion in Motion

Chance Smiling enjoys running and working out at his gym, and advises other patients to start slow with an exercise and build up.

Age 33 - Mayesville, South Carolina

Outgoing South Carolina Patient Uses Exercise to Stay Happy and Focused

A 33-year-old patient in Mayesville, South Carolina, Chance Smiling has a naturally outgoing personality and likes to stay active. Several times each week he heads to the gym to work out and ride a stationary bike. He also enjoys going for a run or a walk outside.

When his high blood pressure led to kidney failure, Chance started receiving in-center hemodialysis at Fresenius Medical Care Lee County, in Bishopville. He has been on dialysis for five years, and says he enjoys meeting new people and making friends at his clinic.

Chance, who works closely with his doctor and nurses to monitor his dialysis results, says that regular exercise helps him stay happy and focused on his health. He also eats a healthy diet and maintains a positive outlook on his condition.

When Chance talks to other patients about exercise, his advice is “pick something you enjoy, start slow and build up strength and endurance as you become more comfortable with it.”