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Ben Maldanado

Ben Maldanado lost 30 pounds by combining a high-protein weight-loss diet with regular swimming and workouts at his local YMCA.


Diet Change and Regular Exercise Help Colorado Patient Lose Weight

Ben Maldanado decided to turn his life around after losing a transplanted kidney and realizing his weight and fitness levels weren’t where he wanted to be. With the approval of his Fresenius Medical Care dialysis team, he started by going on a diet of herbal meal-replacement shakes.

Commercial weight-loss programs aren’t right for everyone. But for Ben, who has been on dialysis since 1998, the concentrated protein shakes, mixed with soy milk, helped him shed 30 pounds. To keep the weight off, he now follows a maintenance diet of two shakes a day, which include shake powder, soy milk, and vegetables. For lunch he adds a hamburger with cheese and no bun. And for dinner, he enjoys additional frozen vegetables – all approved by his dietitian.

Exercise is another key to his health-and-fitness regimen, and Ben treats his workouts as seriously as he would a job. Two hours a day, five days a week, the 76-year-old retiree can be found at his local YMCA facility, swimming and putting in miles on the elliptical training machines.

He’s determined to practice a healthy lifestyle, he says, because he is living for his 11 grandchildren and 15 great grandchildren. His family is thrilled that Ben has not only lost a significant amount of weight and kept it off, but lab tests measuring the effectiveness of his dialysis are looking better, and his albumin levels are good, indicating that he’s getting plenty of protein.

Not surprisingly, Ben’s advice to those new to dialysis is: “Think positively and don’t give up.”