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Fresenius Medical Care Salutes Patients Who Prioritize Fitness And Health

Fresenius Medical Care Launches Champions in Motion Program

Fresenius Medical Care North America (FMCNA), the nation’s leading network of dialysis facilities, today launched its Champions in Motion program as an integral part of its new Healthy Lifestyle initiative. This initiative is aimed at helping people with kidney failure live a better life on dialysis by encouraging them to become more physically active, eat healthy diets and enjoy more flexible lifestyles. FMCNA's Champions in Motion are dialysis patients who have made a commitment to regular physical activity in spite of dealing with chronic kidney failure, whether it's a morning walk or jog, a bike ride, or a night of square dancing.

FMCNA will honor 20 dialysis patients throughout 2012 who have committed themselves to regular exercise and maintaining a healthy diet as part of their lifestyle. Healthcare teams at dialysis clinics across the U.S. nominated patients to be Champions in Motion, and a board composed of participants from various clinical disciplines within FMCNA made the final selections.

Marshall Lewis, a dialysis patient in San Diego, is recognized as a Champion in Motion because he is very proactive about his health care, and maintains a healthy dialysis-friendly diet and regimented exercise routine, which includes weightlifting.

"After I started working out at the gym and eating a healthier diet, I noticed that my dialysis results improved and my energy level was better," says Lewis. "I enjoy talking to other patients about the importance of finding an activity that will keep them motivated and active because it has made a big difference in my life."

At FMCNA facilities, dialysis patients can discuss how to increase their physical activity level with their healthcare team, including a nephrologist, nephrology nurse, social worker and dietitian. This team can help create a customized program for patients at all fitness levels. Fitness often starts with simple changes to a patient's daily routine, and there are a number of health benefits associated with regular exercise, including: keeping the heart and other muscles strong; increasing flexibility in joints; improving circulation, digestion, and sleep; and controlling blood pressure and body weight.

"Being physically active is important for all people with chronic kidney disease, especially those with end stage renal disease, who require either dialysis or a kidney transplant," said Dugan W. Maddux, MD, FACP, Vice President, Chronic Kidney Disease Initiatives at FMCNA. "Many patients find that they feel better on dialysis if they are active. Part of our job is to help patients find activities that are right for them, no matter what level of activity they are used to. Everyone can do something.”

Through its Healthy Lifestyle initiative, FMCNA is also promoting healthy diets and good nutrition, which are important considerations for all dialysis patients. To support the healthy nutrition program, FMCNA has partnered with Food Network star Chef Aaron McCargo, Jr. Throughout 2012, Chef McCargo will be developing new dialysis-friendly recipes, attending patient events, and promoting healthy diets that include tasty, satisfying meals for people with kidney failure.

At FMCNA's A Better Life on Dialysis website, patients can find fitness tips, videos, and other information about staying active and maintaining a healthy diet.

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