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Home Peritoneal Dialysis Equipment

Home continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis system for home treatment from Fresenius Medical Carestay•safe® System

Use: Home continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis (CAPD).
Benefits: The stay•safe® peritoneal dialysis system offers easy handling with the benefit of one system opening per exchange. With stay•safe®, there’s no need to memorize a confusing sequence of clamping and unclamping steps. By eliminating confusion, the potential risk associated with accidental touch contamination of the system may be reduced.
Special features: The system’s innovative PIN technology is designed to seal the fluid pathway prior to disconnect, minimizing the potential for touch contamination.

Liberty® CyclerContinuous cycling peritoneal dialysis for home dialysis care

Use: Home continuous cycling peritoneal dialysis (CCPD).
Benefits: The Liberty® Cycler combines advanced pumping technology with ease of use. The cycler includes a large color touch screen that provides visual prompts to guide patients and offers options for both time-based and cycle-based programs; the system is designed to fit easily on a bedroom night stand or the cycler cart. Its dynamic pumping mechanism may be helpful for patients with unique peritoneal anatomy.
Special features: With the Liberty® Cycler, patients have access to stay•safe®, a connection technology designed to reduce risk associated with touch contamination during connection and disconnection from treatment.

Preparing for Home Dialysis Equipment

In preparation for equipment setup, a member of your home dialysis team will perform a home assessment that includes water quality and volume, space requirements and electrical supply. In addition to space for the machine, you’ll want to be sure that you have room to store a month’s worth of supplies. (A customer service team member will help you reorder these supplies.)

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