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Home Hemodialysis Equipment

2008K@home™2008K Home Dialysis Machine

Use: Home hemodialysis.
Benefits: Powerful enough for the clinic but simplified for home, the 2008K@home machine is designed for maximum versatility. Patients have the flexibility—based on their doctor’s prescription—to perform a variety of therapy options, from daily treatments to three times a week. The 2008K@home offers visual support through step-by-step setup and treatment tutorials.
Special features: The 2008K@home machine includes a wireless wetness detector and alarm, the DIASAFE Plus filter to eliminate contaminates, and remote monitoring and data capture.

NxStage System One™

Use: Home hemodialysis.NX Stage Product Image
Benefits: The NxStage System One™ includes a simple interface, making it easy to learn and use. A drop-in cartridge, intuitive control system and easy tap water purification system reduce the time and effort needed for regular treatments. The system can be plugged into any electrical outlet and drains through the home’s existing plumbing.
Special features: The system is portable, giving patients the freedom to travel and dialyze on the road or dialyze throughout their home.

Preparing for Home Dialysis Equipment

In preparation for equipment setup, a member of your home dialysis team will perform a home assessment that includes water quality and volume, space requirements and electrical supply. In addition to space for the machine, you’ll want to be sure that you have room to store a month’s worth of supplies. (A customer service team member will help you reorder these supplies.)

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