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Home Dialysis Monitoring

UltraCare Dialysis at home Powered by KNXYou’re home, but not alone.

UltraCare at home® is powered by KNXTM remote monitoring, a system that makes managing dialysis care from home easier and more convenient than ever before.

Provided exclusively as an UltraCare at home® service, KNXTM monitoring helps more people enjoy a greater sense of confidence in their ability to administer their own dialysis treatments, with the assurance that healthcare professionals are monitoring their care on a routine basis.

How Does KNXTM Monitoring Work?

Home dialysis patient with KNX home monitoring from Fresenius Medical CareWhile receiving dialysis treatment at home, the KNXTM system sends patient data to Fresenius Medical Care’s clinical information system. Doctors and nurses monitor patient data on a routine basis, and contact home dialysis patients with results and any necessary medical action.

UltraCare at home® dialysis powered by KNXTM monitoring includes the following:

    • Dialysis machine data reporting
    • Routine wellness checks that let your nurse know how you’re feeling today
    • Vital sign monitoring that gives your nurse early warnings
    • Medication checks that remind you to take your medicine
    • Telephone voice response data collection

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